Thinking of buying a new home?  I can show you new homes in your area of interest/price and help you get pre-qualified/pre-approved!


I work with New Home Builders all across the Las Vegas Valley.  Every week I inspect new housing tracts to keep updated on what is going on in the market, especially new technology.  Weekly, I keep in touch with a number of site agents for changes.


If you are selling and wish to purchase a new home, this just might be right for you, an Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM).  This mortgage allows people age 62 or older who want to purchase a new primary residence to now take out a reverse mortgage in a single transaction.  By doing so, you can save a significant amount of money on closing costs and never have another mortgage payment for as long as you own your home.  Please call for details and make an appointment to see if you qualify.


Why should I use a realtor to help me buy a new home?


A better question would be, why wouldn’t you use a Realtor?  You’re spending upwards of a quarter million dollars on this investment. If you were making a stock market investment or another financial investment, most people would consult an attorney.  Many builders look favorably on seeing buyers represented by Realtors and are happy to pay our fee.


There are several reasons people don’t use Realtors on new homes.  They don’t want to be tied into a schedule. They have an hour or two, and want to see a few new homes on their schedule.  At times, they are driving past model homes and on a whim stop in.  Most builders have signs before you walk in saying your Realtor must accompany you on your first visit to the tract.  If this is not possible, simply give the agent one of my cards and say… 

“I’m working with my REALTOR, Mr. Wetter”. This is certainly the better way.  Give me a call first to register you, and you’re covered.   Buyers sometimes think the builder will reduce the price if the buyer does not use a Realtor.  By and large, this is not the case.


Remember the tract agent is representing the builder, not you.


Tract agents have no obligation to inform you of any shortcomings on any particular parcel, whereas the Realtor might point them out to you, e.g., vacant land behind the site may be developed in the future and block nice views.  You may have your heart set on one particular house!  Agents may not inform you of new tracts coming up with Phase 1 pricing


At times, builders want to do walk-throughs after framing, or at some other time during construction.  If you are unavailable, I can be your eyes; if you are available, I can be a second set of eyes.  I often drive by the site during construction just to see and report back to you.  I can also suggest which upgrades should be done now and ones can wait until later and save you money.


Should there be an issue, which is rare, our company has an attorney on staff who can call or write to the builder to diffuse a bad situation.


In short, there is virtually no reason to not use a Realtor when shopping for a new home.


I would be happy to be your Realtor, and put my years of experience to work for you.



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